Services We Provide

Beief Methodology For Performing The Services


Nkhanga ESS Ltd Co, aims to provide the needed services at the various catering institutions in Malawi with quality and a difference. We understand client needs while not compromising quality. We would like to focus on providing professional catering businesses and Building management, construction works at all levels and quality as required.


We also recognize that we need to deliver consistent quality in both product and service, and that service times are of utmost importance to our customers.


Our vast experience in the food, beverage and retail industry has given us insight into the
specific needs of various customers and enables us to develop systems that are tailor-made to meet these specific needs.

We therefore design and implement systems and procedures that enable us to achieve a
smooth workflow, for example from the placement of the order, to food production, to delivery of order, and subsequently cleaning up. All our staff are trained to understand the process flow. They are assigned specific duties in this flow which enables them to work efficiently and to deliver a quality service, every time, on time and to order.

From managing a golf course’s economics and agronomy down to the in-depth intricacies of selecting quality food and beverage services, to recruiting and training talented professionals.

Nkhanga Essential Services prides itself in striving to continuously introduce advanced construction systems, management and procedures to ensure effective cost control, construction program management and quality standards that exceed the client’s expectations.

Effective management of residential, commercial or inudtrial properties, is an crucial and time consuming element for the well being of any property, where we can add substantial value to your investment.

We understand that every event makes an important statement about you, the host. No matter if  it be corporate or private, big or small, we pride ourselves in offering creative and flavorful catering solutions for all types of events and budgets.