Who We Are

Nkhanga Essential Support Services Limited is a Malawian Local, privately owned company which specialises in providing support services to companies and individuals; in particular, catering services (food and beverage) , Building maintenance services and Project Management.

The shareholders are experts in the different areas of services that the company provides, having accumulated vast experience working in the industry.


The Company’s main objective is to provide world-class support services. We are committed to the consistently delivery of superior services, in the most efficient way, for the shared benefit of our customers, shareholders and employees.


Provide high quality, Integrity and Accountability as our profound values and under which compass our business is conducted.

The Company also strives to contribute to the development of local communities/social responsibility. We believe in employing local people and are continually looking to grow, and in doing so, creating more jobs and opportunities, for the community to thrive.


Nkhanga Essential Support Services values good behavior and conduct and ensure alignment of the behavior of all Nkhanga employees.

We demonstrate care for:

  • Our people by prioritizing their health, wellbeing and safety above all else;
  • Our community and the environment by engaging local people and minimizing the potentially negative impacts of our activities, promoting sustainable solutions and positively contributing to broader society.

We create trust by:

  • Living our values and conducting our business honestly and ethically;and
  • Empowering employees and ensuring openness between employees, teams, clients and partners.

We demonstrate delivery by:

  • Meeting commitments to clients in terms of time, budget, quality and innovative solutions; and
  • Taking responsibility for our actions and ensuring we deliver on what we promised.

We demonstrate agility by:

  • Being flexible, innovative and responding to change;
  • Continuously reassessing and learning; and
  • Simplifying systems and focusing on people and results, over administration.

We demonstrate teamwork by:

  • Nurturing strong relationships with employees, clients, partners and communities; and
  • Building empowered work teams based on respect, dignity, diversity, and learning and development.

At Nkhanga Essential Support Services our strength lies in our people – and as such, the safety of our employees is of paramount importance. The challenges of construction can often result in a high-risk working environment, which is why the well-being of our workforce is zealously safeguarded through rigid checks and balances as well as stringent, internationally recognized SHEQ best practices and procedures. Similarly, the protection of the environment and the implementation of sustainable practices is a priority as well, allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint and any ecological impact our work may have.

Further to this, at Nkhanga we strive to ingrain a culture of personal responsibility and accountability that extends beyond our rigorous safety policies. To this end, we continually urge our employees to adhere to health and safety practices in order to ensure zero injury, zero risk, and zero harm. By cultivating a sustainable environment firmly entrenched in personal and on-site safety, and by providing our employees with the necessary tools to implement SHEQ controls, we can ensure the continued protection and well-being of our staff from the moment they arrive at work till the moment they leave.